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Garage Door Repair vs. Replacement

05/14/2014 Back To Blog

Garage door professionals are the best to tell whether your garage door needs repair or replacement. As a customer, the final decision would depend on you because you are the owner and either way, you will be the one to pay for the service. Here are common reasons when your contractor would advice repair or replacement.Garage Door Repair And Replacement 24/7 Services



Garage door repair is recommended for reasons such as it simply stops working. This is the most common problem that technicians work on. This is probably the easiest to resolve. Experts can tell the problem easily and have it fixed again in no time, especially if the door is not yet too old.


Another problem that can be resolved through repair is when the garage door just feels “heavy” or when it opens slowly. The springs may just not have enough tension. If the problem is caused by a damaged garage door opener, then the only thing to be fixed or replaced is the opener, and not the entire door. Same thing with panels, they can be replaced without necessarily buying a new door.



Most homeowners would want to replace their garage door if they knew it is old enough to be replaced. The panels may have already been rusted, scratched or cracked. The best sign that it is smarter to buy a new one is when the door always gets broken. Perhaps the number of years it has served you is enough to just have it rest and let a new one give you that peace of mind that the door is safe. 


The important parts to be considered during replacement are the spring mechanisms, the opener, and track. Damaged doors can be very unsafe not just to your car but to your loved ones. Do never let anyone be at risk. Feel free to contact a garage door service to conduct checking. Only professionals would know how well your door could serve you.

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