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Quick Ways to Replace Garage Door Hinges

07/31/2014 Back To Blog

The garage door hinge and garage door rollers are considered to be some of the most essential parts of the door to your garage. They are responsible for holding the panels of the doors to your garage in place. But the hinges and rollers do give way eventually due to the weight of the door and the tension of the springs. So when your hinges or rollers do give way, these are what you need to do:Quick Ways to Replace Garage Door Hinges

Important tips to remember

The first thing you need to do when the doors to your garage start acting up is to make sure to disconnect the garage door opener from the power supply to avoid it from suddenly turning on. The problem could be with either the rollers or hinges. Always make sure to keep the door in an upward position and secure the door in place to prevent it from suddenly dropping so that the garage door repair will be done quickly and easily. After all you cannot remove any of the screws and bolts if the doors are not raised and held in place. You can also try taking out the springs before calling for someone to help you with the repairs. If hinges are the problem, then make sure you have something sturdy around when you remove the hinges as the panels of the door might just break.

While you may be able to replace the hinges on your own, we at garage door repair Neptune Beach advice that you immediately call one of our representatives to address any faulty garage door parts, especially if you do not have any working experience in the matter. This includes the hinges. This is to prevent any injury to you or further damage to your door. Repairs related to garage doors are nasty and has been known to cause serious and permanent injuries to untrained people. Never ever sacrifice your own personal safety over a task you are not equipped to handle. You may call us for more information regarding this matter.

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