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Garage Door Maintenance

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Garage Door Maintenance in FloridaDo you want to see better days with your garage door? If you have trouble with the parts or the overall performance of the door, think of how long it has been since you last maintained it. With annual garage door maintenance, the behavior of your door changes and you will also notice a great difference to the noise levels and softness of the movement. Over the decades our professionals at Garage Door Repair Neptune Beach have devoted to service, they have learned one thing: it's not only about the quality of the overhead door you choose to install at home. It's also about the quality and frequency of maintenance services.

Devoted to clients and determined to ensure their safety, our technicians advise everyone to trust our work once a year. Maintenance has a preventive character as a service. It's a professional tuning up of the entire system so that you won't have to deal with unexpected problems. The benefits are incredible! You won't only enjoy the merits of your Liftmaster door opener without dealing with issues every other day, but you will also avoid noises and possibly accidents.

Our service includes garage door adjustment

Care to find out more about our maintenance service? There are basic steps our garage door repair technicians follow but we never forget that each system has its own special features and peculiarities, door types have differences, and one Genie garage door opener might have different requirements from another. With those things in mind, our professionals proceed to inspect every component of the system. From tracks and cables to drums, bearings, rollers and the opener, all parts are checked thoroughly. Small nuts and screws are replaced if they are damaged and the existing fasteners are tightened so that you will not have to hear the loud noise coming from vibrations. 

By tightening and adjusting all parts, offering lubrication maintenance, and also eliminating vibrations, our experts protect your parts from getting worn over time. Not only will they slide much easier and smoother now, but they will also last for a longer time since they won't be worn by rubbing one against the other. Our maintenance service also includes the adjustment of the chain and all settings at the opener, the adjustment of the door, the alignment of the sensors and proper diagnosis of the overall performance. If there is anything wrong, you are notified. Our technicians won't leave before they make sure the whole system operates efficiently.

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